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Love my Magnolia Tree

We are loving spring around the farm.  We are getting in the gardens, raking the leaves out and tilling up the soil.  My Star Magnolia tree is bursting with its showy blooms.
photo-1aIt is such a beautiful sight.  I love this magnolia tree.



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Catching Up

I am SO far behind on posting, it’s a little embarrassing.  Although life has been crazy with our oldest son’s high school graduation and departure to West Point on June 26th, I have still managed to get out and take pictures around the farm.  Having the time to put them together in a post however, has been another story.

Instead of authoring blog posts, I have spent most of my free time searching for photos of our son on flickr and facebook.  West Point does a great job of photographing the new cadets as they are going through their summer basic training, know fondly as “Beast Barracks.”  Every once in a while you can catch a glimpse of your new cadet on one of these sites and it makes the lack of communication just a little easier to tolerate.  He will be able to contact us by phone and email once again when the academic year starts in late August.

But back to life on our little farm…

Spring came and went a long time ago, but here I am posting just a few of my spring pictures in the middle of July.  Admittedly, this is lame, but here I go anyhow.

I had some fun experimenting with my telephoto lens this spring.  I tried it out on some lilac buds and thought the results were interesting.

The tulips I planted last fall in my new perennial garden were as beautiful as I had hoped.  Tulips are such a welcome sight in the dreariness of spring.  I hope to plant some more this fall.

Last year I purchased a Star Magnolia tree and planted it in my new perennial garden.  It was a pretty small tree and I didn’t know what to expect this spring.  I was pleasantly surprised when 4 large white blossoms emerged.  In another 10 years this should be an impressive sight in the spring!  🙂

And of course, every spring we enjoy this Prairie Fire crabapple tree outside our kitchen window.  It is always loaded with honeybees (click here for pictures) and the intense color is splendid!

So, there’s a little glimpse of spring here on the farm.  Better late, than never!!



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