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July in the Perennial Garden

The month of July is a time of transition in the perennial garden.  Many of the early blooming perennials are starting to wind down, allowing others to take center stage.  Aside from an early infestation of aphids on my Lupines, I am having a good year in the flower garden.

I planted some White Coneflowers last fall and I am enjoying their first season of blooms.

I rescued these pretty pink Delphiniums last July from a plant sale at one of those temporary nurseries set up in the grocery store parking lot.  The leaves were severely damaged from inconsistent watering and dwindling attention as the peak planting season passed.  The 75% off sale price convinced me to take a chance on the sad plant and much to my surprise, it came through the winter strong.  The Russian Sage was a new addition this spring.

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Preparing and Expanding the Perennial Gardens

Although my husband might disagree, it is my firm belief that you can never have too many perennial gardens.  So, after a few years of threatening to expand my gardens, I decided to go ahead this year.

I always start my landscaping projects by laying out a garden hose in various shapes and looking out the windows in the house to see how it will look.

I tried many different variations this time to try to find a shape that I found pleasing.

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May in Minnesota

Spring in Minnesota is a season of contrasts.  Just this past week I posted pictures of my spring gardens off to a great start.  It has been an unusually warm spring and everything has been a couple of weeks ahead of normal.

Reality set in this weekend and we were all reminded that it is, after all, only May…and we live in Minnesota.

On Friday evening we looked out the window to find scenes like this…

And this…

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Mixed Feelings on the Signs of Spring

March has been unseasonably warm so far this year (although it sounds as though temperatures are expected to return to normal by the weekend).  With temperatures sneaking into the 60’s several days already, the snow has completely melted and signs of spring are everywhere.  Generally speaking, I welcome the signs of spring.  It means that soon I will be back in my flower and vegetable gardens.

Over the weekend I found this little gem in the flower garden in front of the house.  It was such a sweet surprise and reminder of spring.  This lone violet was the first sign of life in my perennial garden.

The last few warm days have brought other perennials out from their winter sleep.  Seedum and Ajuga intertwine here.

A volunteer Lamium plant also has greened up under the shrubs by the house.

Even the vegetable garden is showing signs of life.  The rhubarb plants broke through the ground in the last few days.  I think their appearance is premature and I’m a little worried about how they will fare when the cold weather returns this weekend.  They are tough plants though and will likely recover quickly from any setbacks.

Along with the lovely perennial plants and vegetables, some unwelcome signs of spring have also appeared.  DANDELIONS are already popping up all over.  This Stella de’Oro daylilly is fighting for space with this huge dandelion.

Dandelions and grass have also showed up among my peonies.  I am not opposed to using herbicides on these rogue weeds and hope to eliminate them before the flower plants get much bigger.  It is time to get out the Roundup and blast these pesky weeds.  I need to wait for a calm day, however, so I don’t kill my flowers.

And this weed…it is all over in my bed of peonies and I’m not sure what it is.  It used to grow in abundance in the cow pastures when I was growing up, but I don’t know the technical name.  Any ideas?  It also needs to go.

Spring time also brings a reminder that we have a dog.  Our dear Sofie, that we enjoy in so many ways, definitely manages to leave her mark from her quick trips outside the house during the cold winter months.

In contrast to the healthy green lawn that she graces above, is the spotted lawn that appears every spring.  This spring is no different, and we will need to re-seed these areas.

The weeds popping up all over and the dead spots in the lawn are the frustrating signs of spring.  But my excitement over the perennial flowers and vegetables that are appearing easily outweighs these irritations.  I am ready to get in the dirt and start gardening.  Unfortunately, it is only March!

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