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Skyscraper Sunflowers!

Summer is flying by and we are swamped with vegetables to harvest, flowers to pick, weeds to pull and grass to mow.  We enjoy a variety of fresh vegetables at each meal and inevitably eat too much.  The rewards of all the hard work in the garden are paying off and it is a great time of year to be living on our little hobby farm.

The last few summers I have grown sunflowers in the garden.  Last month I posted about my Pastiche sunflowers, with a promise to provide pictures of my Skyscraper sunflowers once they reached their full glory.  As a thunderstorm was rolling in this evening, I made my boys come outside for a photo by the fully grown and blooming sunflowers because I was afraid the predicted high winds might damage them.

We have enjoyed watching their growth through the season and the kids would point out their dramatic change in size upon our return from the cabin each weekend.  My oldest is close to 6 feet tall, so I am guessing that makes these flowers around 14 or 15 feet high??  I think these are my tallest ones yet.  Skyscrapers, indeed.  Once again, they have not disappointed.  And as I flip through the seed catalog in the dead of winter, I will definitely be ordering these seeds again.


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