Love my Magnolia Tree

We are loving spring around the farm.  We are getting in the gardens, raking the leaves out and tilling up the soil.  My Star Magnolia tree is bursting with its showy blooms.
photo-1aIt is such a beautiful sight.  I love this magnolia tree.



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3 responses to “Love my Magnolia Tree

  1. Airel

    Lovely sight!

  2. Carol Swank

    I have an asparagus patch too and am wondering how you are able to keep the weeds out. I’m having a terrible time with weeds and grass with deep roots! Digging them out sometimes ruin asparagus spears that are trying to come out. Very frustrating1

    • Hi Carol,
      I sure know what you mean about struggling with weeds in the asparagus patch. There are a few things we do to try to control weeds: (1) In the very early spring my husband tills over the whole patch at a shallow depth to stir things up; and (2) we lay down brown grocery bags in between and along the rows that we have saved all winter and put chopped straw as mulch over the top. By doing these things, we only have to pick the weeds out of around the spears. The worst is when you get crabgrass growing in the clump…that is VERY frustrating and hard to combat. Best of luck to you in fighting off the weeds and grass! And thanks for stopping by!

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