We built a smokehouse in 2009 and have been enjoying experimenting with the art of cold-smoking ever since.  Below are posts related to construction of the smokehouse and our adventures in cold-smoking thus far.


Cold-Smoking: Almonds and Cheese (Dec. 2010)


Cold-Smoking: Garlic and Sage Pork Chops (Dec. 2010)

More on Building a Smokehouse (Dec. 2010)

Making Sausage: A Family Tradition (Dec. 2010)

Building a Smokehouse

Cold-Smoking Salmon

2 responses to “Smokehouse

  1. 1/15/14 0900
    hello, my name is Chuck, i am retired. i use my smoker quite a lot, but want
    to try cold smoking. i need a hobby. i rent, but there is 6 acres and free
    pecan trees. do you think one of the small storage plastic storage units
    from H/D would work ??.
    comments please!

    • Hi Chuck,
      Thanks for visiting our blog. I don’t have any data to back up my intuition, but in general I would not recommend using a plastic smokebox as it might give off toxic fumes when heated during the smoking process. If you are looking for something inexpensive and easy to construct, I would recommend building a wooden box out of non-treated plywood. Then locate your firebox about 10 feet away and run stovepipe between the firebox and smokebox.
      Good Luck!

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