The Original Farm

This is the quaint little farm on a winding river that captured our hearts a decade ago.

Although it didn’t look like much, we fell in love with this old rundown farmstead the first time that we drove up.  The building that we found most charming was this old round-top barn.

The granary stood near the farmhouse and was on a foundation of brick columns that were collapsing.  We liked the look and size of the building and thought it had some potential.

The layout of the farmstead seemed somewhat haphazard and the chicken coop and small corn crib seemed out of place.  Our first thought was to demolish the chicken coop because it was so deteriorated.  The unique shape of the building caused us to reconsider our intentions and we decided to attempt a restoration.

We were aware of various property tax incentives available for saving old homes, but after much deliberation and hand-wringing we decided that the old farm-house was just too far gone to save and that we would need to build a new home.

And so we decided to go for it.  We would buy this old farmstead and start its transformation into our own little farm so that our family could dabble in country life.

4 responses to “The Original Farm

  1. I can see why you fell in love with that place. You can feel the history just by looking at the photos. There is an old farmsite a few miles from where we live now that I am in love with. The house is old and very rundown, as well as the outbuildings, but I could have such dreams for that place! But I’m blessed to live on the farmsite that we do, which really doesn’t need much restoration, and I’m thankful for that!

    • I think some people thought we were crazy when we sold our nice two-story home in a residential development and purchased this place. It has been a lot of work, but a true labor of love. This place will always be home to us, even if we move on some day. 🙂 Sounds like you have a nice situation however, with no restorations necessary.

  2. Dana

    The farm is simply beautiful. When you are restoring an old place, you get to become apart of it’s past and future, that is a very overwhelming feeling. great job.

  3. Erin

    It looks beautiful! My husband and I are hoping to build our own homestead in the future too! We bought a small house on one acre and are working on fixing it up, we have a garden and poultry for now. We eventually would like a lot more property and to build our own house!

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