Canning and Freezing

Freezing Frenzy (Aug. 31, 2010)

Dilly-icious Beans (July 22, 2010)

Preserving Rhubarb (June 2010)

One response to “Canning and Freezing

  1. Mike


    We don’t want to pry into what you do not want to display on your web site, but we’d really like to know how you’ve paid for all of your remodels of various structures (we’ve seen some notations of funding renovations within blogs) especially your home…..from the dilapidated farm house to what you know live in. We don’t see any renovation comments or costs and tribulations experienced, etc., or mentioned.

    We mention this because we think this is important to many of us in order to establish a budget, and/or a method to finance an endeavor on the scale of your hobby farm and to either meet the budget or scale down what Jesse and you have accomplished.

    My wife and I admire your work and your families work. My wife is an educator. I am an Architect/Construction Manager. We have some means to purchase property and we’ve would like to hobby farm into our retirement. We now live on rented 21 acres but we are looking at 61 acres with a ranch brick home ( in poor condition) and out buildings in terrible conditions. We don’t live is beautiful Minnesota with historic barns….. etc. We live in northern NC south VA.

    Please advise and thanks,
    Mike Cardwell

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