Seed Catalogs…Already??

I was surprised when I opened the mailbox today and found a large bundle of mail, even by Christmas card season standards.   Assuming that we have received most of the Christmas cards that we will this year, I was curious about the contents of the bundle.

Amongst all the normal bills, junk mail, etc., I found these…

Seed catalogs?!!  Already?

In all honesty, I am a seed catalog junkie.  I pour over them, mark pages, make lists, plan, and daydream about the upcoming gardening season.  But it is not even January.  I still have my Christmas tree up and have not even recovered from the holiday.

Is it just me, or is this a little too early to be receiving seed catalogs?



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6 responses to “Seed Catalogs…Already??

  1. interesting! I received my copy of Territorial Seed Catalog today! It does seem early but I did spend some time flipping through it. Dreaming of a warm Spring day when the planting will begin.

    • Lisa, I haven’t tossed out the seed catalogs, but rather have just set them aside until I am inspired to browse. 🙂 It might be a few more weeks. Planting season doesn’t begin here in MN until May. How about where you are?

  2. Me too! For me, it’s not too early… I need thoughts of springtime and seed packets to get me through the next couple months.

  3. Tim

    Mid December is just the right time for my area (NE Florida, Zone 9) to be getting new catalogs and placing orders. Our last “official” frost date is Feb 22 and most vegetable gardeners are starting seeds indoors during January to be planted sometime around the first week of March.

    • Hi Tim,
      Well, I am definitely envious of you because I am in zone 4 here in Minnesota with an average last frost date around mid-May. I have to admit that I enjoyed getting my seed catalogs so early this year because I am going to try my hand more at winter sowing again, as I have had fairly good success the last few years.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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