Our vision when moving to our little hobby farm was of horses grazing in the field, chickens wandering around, cats lounging on the porch, and a loyal dog for hunting and companionship.    The horse idea was quickly dismissed based on the time and financial commitment.  We both had horses growing up and have very fond memories of those magnificent creatures.  The reality was, however, with both of us working, the kids busy with school and extra-curricular activities, who would feed them, muck out their stalls, and when would we ever have time to ride them?  So, we don’t have horses.  We have managed to acquire the chickens, cats and a dog.

Our loyal dog for hunting and companionship is Sofie, a Golden Retriever.

Nina is our new cat from the animal shelter last August.  She is a great little mouser.

And then there is Tiger….he’s been here since the beginning.  His mother was a stray cat at the old farm when we bought it and started building.  He was one of the kittens from her first batch and the only survivor.

We have had varying numbers of chickens over the years.  I love when the chicks arrive in the mail during spring.  They are so adorable.

And what I love most about our chickens is the eggs that we get to enjoy!


If Sofie Only Knew (December 2010)

Pesky Free-Rangers (August 2010)

Our “Geriatric” Cat (Feb. 23, 2010)

Keeping the Chickens Warm (Jan. 11, 2010)

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