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Punishing Minnesota Heat???

It seems like just yesterday that I was lamenting about the frigid May temperatures we were experiencing here in Minnesota.  Actually, it was only two short weeks ago when we woke up to snow one morning and frost the next.  Scenes like this in May are disheartening for anyone, but especially for a gardener.

My perennial gardens endured these frigid temperatures, however, and bounced back quickly.

This past week we have seen much warmer temperatures and starting yesterday, the humidity rolled in too.  Today, just two weeks after temperatures in the high 20’s, it is in the mid-90’s with a dew point of 64.  The air is thick and oppressive.  The National Weather Service has even issued an “excessive heat” warning.  Bottom line is that it is damn hot and miserable.

Instead of snow and freezing temperatures, my perennial gardens must now suffer under this punishing Minnesota heat.  The same Autumn Joy Seedum plants pictures above with snow look like this today.

They are wilted and look pathetic, as do the Shasta Daisies. Continue reading


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