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Spring Escape South of the Border – Puerto Vallarta

We are home from a brief escape from this seemingly never-ending Minnesota winter.  Our destination was Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  The weather was warm, the scenery beautiful and the food fresh and delicious.

Puerto Vallarta is on the Pacific side of Mexico and has a much different landscape from the Yucatan Peninsula on the Caribbean side, where we have previously traveled.  It is mountainous and more lush in vegetation.  Although it does not quite compare to the beautiful white sand and turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, the ocean here is still stunning and you can’t avoid feeling relaxed listening to the crashing waves.

We chose to not go the all-inclusive route on this vacation, as we were traveling without the kids (they are still bitter) and wanted to have more dining options.  Our hotel was lovely with a great pool and very well-manicured grounds.   We enjoyed lunch every day in the restaurant near the pool, taking in the views.

The familiar beach vendors set up every morning just outside of the hotel beach area.  Each time someone walks by they call out,  “Amiga, necklace? Bracelet?  T-shirt?”  Uniformly dressed in white, they seemed less aggressive than others we have encountered.  In fact, it almost seemed as though there may have even been some type of rules they were following in their sales.

Prior to departing, we heard horror stories about the high pressure time-share sales people in Puerto Vallarta.  Having experienced them in earlier travels to Mexico, I thought we were prepared.  We would not fall prey to their tactics!  After arriving at the airport and gathering our luggage, we proceeded towards the exit to catch a taxi.  We were shuffled through a tunnel of time-share people on both sides of us, all trying to get our attention.  It was quite shocking!  We managed to walk straight ahead, ignoring them all.  Ah, we felt so smug.

Thinking we had escaped the time-share people, we checked into our hotel, explored a bit, and then headed to the marina area to have some dinner.  The views were beautiful in the marina and we enjoyed a nice dinner.  At the end of the meal, a “waitress” came to clear our table and started making small talk with us, asking when we had arrived and what we planned on doing while in Puerto Vallarta.  She was so friendly and helpful, full of information and advice.  After mentioning that we were thinking of going on a zip-line tour, she perked up and launched into a sales pitch about the great discount she could give us if we went to this time-share presentation.  It would only take an hour of our time, and just look at all the money we would save, this was a new and exclusive property, etc., etc.  About 20 minutes later, we had finally convinced her that we would NOT commit to a presentation, but that she could give us her name and we might call if we change our mind.  Of course, we never called.  The take-away lesson was to always be on guard!

Our time in Puerto Vallarta was mainly spent by the pool, walking on the beach, sitting on our patio reading, and enjoying relaxing dinners in the evenings by ourselves.  It has been several years since we have escaped without the kids, and even though I felt a little guilty (just a little), I also realize how important it is to get away and spend time as a couple.  We have crazy busy lives and it was so rejuvenating to escape to the sunshine together.

So we are home from our escape south of the border, feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever is left of this Minnesota winter and spring.


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Spring Fever

It’s official.  It’s that time of year.  The time of year when you can hardly wait for spring.  When thoughts of spring, basking in the warmth of the sun, green grass, bountiful gardens, and fresh flowers take over your mind.  But we need to wait.

The garden is waiting, waiting for the sun, so full of potential.  Waiting, waiting, waiting….

And the raspberry plants, they’re waiting too.  Waiting for the soil to warm so their leaves can burst out and set blossoms.

And the chickens.  The chickens are also waiting.  They are so patient, but they have spring fever too.  Afraid to hop out of the coop  on the snow all winter, they seriously contemplate it at this time of year.  They stand in the door of the coop, gazing outside, the strength of the sun enticing them, until…

…they can’t stand it anymore.  They finally take the plunge, after encouraging each other, and jump down on that scary snow (at least I think that is their thought process).

Spring fever makes even chickens do the craziest things.

The cats have spring fever too.  Waiting anxiously at the door each morning, they spend their days outside.  They lay on the porch basking in the sun.  Sometimes they go exploring, navigating through the melting snow, ice, and puddles.

And so we are all waiting for spring to arrive.  It feels closer every day.

I am not as patient as the gardens, chickens and cats though.  So I planned a trip to Mexico with my husband.  We leave tomorrow…and I can’t wait.

I hope that when we arrive home next week that spring is closer.  After a few days in the sun, I think I’ll be capable of a lot more patience.  Until next week….

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