Snowy Sunrise

We received another 10 inches or so of snow yesterday through this morning.  The wind is howling and the snow is drifting quickly.  School was canceled, yet again.  I was unsuccessful in making it out of our driveway this morning for work and got stuck in a three-foot snow drift.  There really is no point in complaining about the long winter any more though.  It is old news.

So, since I cannot think of anything very positive to say about Minnesota, our winters, the weather, etc., I thought I would just post this picture I took this morning.  I took it with my iPhone 5s and did a quick edit in Instagram.


Hope you are staying warm and out of the howling winds.  Spring will come eventually, right?


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One response to “Snowy Sunrise

  1. I found your site on a search for smoke house pics and plans.

    You have a great farm and family.

    I am a coastal Carolina farm kid myself that married a Texas city girl about 27 years ago. A third acre lot, between the Carolina farm life and the city skyline of Charlotte with a few herbs and vegetables in the grill garden off the back patio is about as close to farm life as my wife could survive.

    Also, your smoke house is really top shelf. I currently use a Big Green Egg for grilling and smoking. And, after reading your blog I am ready to try some cold smoking to make sausage and ribs.

    On my grand parent’s farm there has always been a picnic table atop a concrete slab during my years as a farm kid which was once the foundation to an old wooden smoke house during the years my father was a farm kid. I always wonder just how that old wooden smoke house worked without burning down. But now I know, according to your cold smoking post, you only smoke 5 to 10 degrees warmer than the room temperature.

    Thanks for your post. I look forward to reading more about life on your farm and enjoying your photography.


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