Seeing RED

The thing that I like least about blogging is the writing part.  Sometimes I just do not have anything particularly interesting to say.

The thing that I love about blogging is the pictures.  I love to take pictures. I love to see other people’s pictures.  And I love to share my pictures.

So, that’s exactly what I am going to do in this post – just share a few of my pictures.  As I looked at the latest collection of my shots, I noticed a lot featuring various shades of red. Below are just a few.

Our prairie-fire crabapple tree outside the kitchen window is full of red fruit and reddish leaves.

A closer-up view of the fruit.  And notice the red granary is in the background.DSC_0036

My Autumn Joy Sedum plants have turned a very dark pinkish-red.  Even after several hard frosts, they are still looking good. DSC_0050

Some leaves from one of our many Autumn Blaze Maple trees around here.  While many other trees have shed their leaves, these are hanging on to theirs for now.


While walking through the woods behind the house to mark small maple trees for transplanting next spring, I came across this red fence post.  It is a remnant from the previous owners who once had cattle in the woods around the house.

Our singular Amur Maple tree is showing off some nice shades of red.

And one of my favorite sites around here…our red barn.  red2

A view of two of the brilliant-colored Autumn Blaze Maples.

And last, but not least, here come the guys across the field on our Razor – Jesse on the left and our youngest behind the wheel.  Ok, this picture does not really fit into my “red” theme, but I like it anyhow.  And there are some red trees in the background. 🙂
red4We have spent today starting our preparations for winter.  Jesse started his first round of the leaf battle and I stayed inside to remove screens and wash the windows.  I want to make sure I have clear and unobstructed views when the snow starts to fall.  😦



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3 responses to “Seeing RED

  1. Sara

    Hi Lynell. I realize this is an old post, but I came across the picture of your Autumn Blaze maples when trying to decide on spacing for ours. Do you mind me asking about how far apart yours are trunk to trunk and if you know, how old they are in this photo. Or do you possibly have a more current photo? We can’t decide between 2 or 3 maples. We don’t want to overcrowd but are trying to block specific street views so we’re limited on space. I love how yours are spaced.
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Sara,
      The trees are about 25′ apart and they were approximately 10 years old in this photo. They are somewhat bigger now but still have plenty space in between. We love these trees but just a word of caution that we have had some winter sun scald on the south facing side of the trunks. I’d read up on how to prevent that after you plant. Good luck!

      • Sara

        Thanks Lynell! I appreciate you responding so quickly, that info is extremely helpful. Planting trees is hard when you don’t know how things will look 10+ years from now and you don’t have as much beautiful land as you all do. Also, thanks for the tip about the sun scald, we’ll do some research and keep an eye on that.
        Thanks again,

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