Apple Time

All of those apple blossoms this past spring have turned into a whole lot of apples!

Today I made my first pan of apple crisp for the season.  We made homemade ice cream to go with it.  Yum!!  What is better than warm apple crisp with creamy homemade ice cream?

I am not sure what I will do with all these apples besides doing a lot of baking in the next few weeks. My motivation to preserve them by making applesauce or something else is very low.  Our last attempt was a failure – the sauce was too mushy and we do not eat much applesauce anyhow. It does not make sense to me to go through all that work if you don’t really love the end product.
applesSo, instead of peeling, coring, boiling, and canning for hours on end…I will be eating a lot of fresh and tart apples in the next few weeks, along with baking some up in tasty apple desserts, and hopefully giving some away.  The chickens will get their fair share too.  🙂



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2 responses to “Apple Time

  1. Bill

    Have you tried slicing and freezing them? A little bit of Surefresh or lemon juice after slicing keeps them from browning before you get them in the freezer. Fried apples with a little cinnamon with your smoked pork chops or a tenderloin is fantastic in Nov-May. 🙂 Also, soaking them in pineapple juice after thin slicing them (like potato chips) and putting them in a food dehydrator makes for some awesome snacks !!

    A good apple peeler / spiral cutter here on Amazon that really makes quick work of the job…

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