Garden Art

Life has been very busy here.  Our middle child graduated from high school a week or so ago and we had her open house a few days later.  Because of our late spring I was frantically trying to get my gardens in order for the party.  During one of my trips to buy annuals and a few other miscellaneous plants, I came across this funky little bird at the garden center.  I do not have a lot of garden art, but this silly piece caught my eye and I bought it.
gardenartAnd I am happy that I did.  Two weeks later and it still makes me smile…so I would say it was definitely worth it.



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3 responses to “Garden Art

  1. Joan Soles

    Now that is really cute!

  2. LakePlacidNY4Me

    Hello, Lynell (and Jesse),

    Happy Spring-to-Sumner greetings from the NY Adirondacks and Lake Placid.

    First of all, I absolutely LOVE your website, blog and very interesting (and always educational and fun) posts … thank you! I first discovered “Just Two Farm Kids” a couple of weeks ago while I was searching in Googleland under “Mammoth Sunflowers” (which I recently planted near my rows of “Serendipity” sweet corn) which happily led me to your wonderful “neck of the woods!”

    What a wonderful (and whimsical) garden bird (and find) you have there!! (I’m not an Audubon bird expert, but it looks to me a little like a “”Flintstones” “DODO BIRD” … LOL!! I LOVE the simplistically silly curvy feathers adorned with the colorful marble accents which I’m sure at times with our frenzied garden and other activities, we could all use a few more of (“lost marbles,” that is)

    For the past couple of months (after our mountainous snow banks have finally melted and retreated), I have been busy creating a little New England Garden here in the Adirondacks (short growing season, I know) with raised beds, picket fence, etc. Aside from a vintage cast iron water well pump that I recently picked up on eBay (so to fashion atop a half whiskey barrel filled with flowers), reading your email/post is inspiring (tempting) me to “test the waters” for possibly a similarly silly garden find like your funky little bird. … Wish me luck!

    Again, Lynell, thanks for the morning sunshine that you bought to my email and day today! Take care and enjoy your summer and “the good life” ahead there on the farm!

    … “Moooo!!” Bill

    Above: My conceptualized garden (created via my “Garden Plan Pro” iPad app

    Pics taken minutes ago (with the early morning sunshine) …

    Above and below: Some idealized versions of my plans for the half whiskey barrel now in the garden …

    Sent from my iPad 3

    • Hi Bill,
      Thanks for your kind comments and I’m glad you stumbled across our blog! I had to look up Lake Placid on the map to see where in NY it is located. My son goes to West Point and my daughter is headed there in 10 days as a new cadet. We have been getting out to NY more since they are there and the Hudson Valley area is absolutely gorgeous. I’m assuming it is equally or more gorgeous up by you. Good luck to you in your gardening and I hope you can find some fun garden art for your garden too!
      Thanks again for stopping by!

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