April 18th and Still Waiting…

We are still waiting on spring.  The six plus inches of snow we are receiving today is certainly not a welcome sight. As you will notice from the picture below, we have not gotten around to taking down our Christmas lights yet.  This picture could so easily be from the Christmas season, but sadly, today is the 18th day of April!!
These views from the farm might actually be considered pretty if taken during the Christmas season…or maybe even if it were February.


But it is not Christmas and it is not February. Did I mention it is the middle of April?!

Snow is not necessarily uncommon at this time of year in Minnesota, but this winter has been very long and we have had very few spring-like days.

The good news is that snow does not last long this time of year because the sun’s rays are much too powerful.  So, if the sun does ever come out, we know the snow will melt quickly.  I will cling to that thought..that’s all I can do at the moment to stay positive.

I hope the weather is better in your part of the country, wherever that might be!

From snowy central Minnesota,



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14 responses to “April 18th and Still Waiting…

  1. Bill

    You are not alone.. Seeing snow yet here in Nebraska…. several hundred miles south of you I might add.

    • Bill – I bet you were actually further along in spring? At least the lawn, trees and gardens haven’t woken up here yet, so less damage. I hope it passes quickly for you down in Nebraska and that the sun comes out and gets busy melting!

  2. Joan Collin Soles

    I really enjoy reading your blog, Lynell.
    We are still in Florida and as much as I want to come home, I am not excited about the weather! But I am anxious to see the grand kids and my mom, so north we will go! Now get that snow gone by the end of the month, ok?

    • Hi Joan,
      Glad you enjoy following along on the blog. You are brave to leave Florida and head to Minnesota! I don’t think I would want to leave yet! Safe travels when you start the journey. I’m hoping it turns around soon!

      • Joan Collin Soles

        Thanks. Fingers crossed for better weather soon!
        Every time I read your blog, I think about one time when I was at your mom and dad’s, and your mom was trying to get you to sleep. You were in the living room, and she would crawl out so you wouldn’t see her. It was hilarious! You had her wrapped around your little finger!

      • I love stories like that! I’m not surprised. Now it’s her grandkids with all the control! 🙂

  3. Earl & Julie Steidler

    Are we neighbors? ??? We sure could be; only our snow total this past Monday was 24″ of the white stuff. Our snow was all gone before the storm hit, but spring would not come & it remains very cool.
    Julie & Earl Steidler

    • Sorry to hear you are having the same miserable weather there. It sure is making everyone crabby! There is no sign of it letting up here yet.


  4. yourothermotherhere

    I can empathize. We still have some snow in shady spots and today it was overcast and cold. What is going on?

  5. Hope it gets better soon! We’re a balmy 81 in south Louisiana!

  6. Bill

    Yes, green grass underneath. What a difference a year makes. Last year at this time in and around Omaha the trees already had leaves and the fruit trees had already bloomed. It was the beginning of a very hot and dry summer for us. This year we have some catching up to do with regard to moisture so we will take it.

  7. Russ Burger

    I do not envy you with all that snow but look at it this way…..yesterday (April 17, 2013) all my fruit trees were in full bloom and the spring flowers were shining brightly. Today they are all gone for another year! Here in Oklahoma it is not uncommon at this time of year to have tornadoes (or at least very strong tornado-like winds) take everything but along with the wind last night came freezing temperatures (29 degrees last night). Earlier this week the daytime temperature was a wonderful 79 degrees and today’s high was 38 degrees (low tonight forecast is 20 degrees). Perhaps there will be fruit next year!
    Always remember no matter where you are…..”It may not be lovely weather we are having but it is lovely we are having weather.”

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