Waiting on Spring

Spring is slow to arrive this year.  We finally got outside yesterday afternoon to work in the yard a bit and to roast some hot dogs in our fire pit.

My mini-greenhouses are waiting patiently for some warmer temps to get the seeds going.  I peeked in them and saw that the kale seeds have already sprouted!


The chickens enjoyed their first day outside free-ranging.


Our vegetable garden is a sad sight.  Last year we were already in the garden tilling by mid-March.

The frost has not gone out of the ground yet, so in addition to the remaining snow,  standing water is scattered all over the grounds.

Everything is brown and drab.


Wildlife is on the move though.  We noticed hundreds of robins out in our hayfield and in the trees over the weekend. Geese were honking down by the river and a few flew right through the yard headed in that direction.


We also noticed some strange-looking birds down by the river.  I didn’t have my telephoto lens on the camera, so I snapped a few photos and zoomed in on the images once I uploaded them to the computer.  It took me some time searching through images to identify these crazy looking birds, but I finally did…Hooded Merganser. We have never seen them around here, or at least we have never noticed them before.


The bird identification site had this to say about the Hooded Merganser:

“Hooded” is something of an understatement for this extravagantly crested little duck. Adult males are a sight to behold, with sharp black-and-white patterns set off by chestnut flanks. Females get their own distinctive elegance from their cinnamon crest. Hooded Mergansers are fairly common on small ponds and rivers, where they dive for fish, crayfish, and other food, seizing it in their thin, serrated bills. They nest in tree cavities; the ducklings depart with a bold leap to the forest floor when only one day old.

So, although we are impatiently waiting on spring around here, there are still some interesting things going on…if you take the time to notice them.


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4 responses to “Waiting on Spring

  1. Airel

    I love everything your farm. I’ve told my boyfriend about your farm and how I would want to clear up and make path to the lake, maybe built a sitting area where we can watch the sunset on summer days… You inspire me to create beautiful memories in the farm for our family to treasure. Thank you for sharing your farm life with us. Arleen

    • Arleen,
      Thank you for your kind comments and for stopping by! I’m glad you find inspiration to create beautiful memories for your family…in the end, that’s what it is all about, isn’t it?

  2. Jennifer

    I just found your blog today (while searching for DIY smokehouses) and I am enjoying reading it. We have a small hobby farm (ducks, chickens, turkeys, gardens) in upstate NY. Back to reading! :o)

    • Hi Jennifer! Glad you stumbled across our blog and that you are enjoying it. We are in central Minnesota and are having another estimated 6 inches of snow today. I sure hope your spring is further along in upstate NY! We are so anxious to get out in the gardens!! Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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