Icicles and Instagram

I am a self-confessed picture-taking junkie and have been for years.  My kids were conditioned at a young age to stop and look at the camera when I asked, and over the years they have put up with being photographed an awful lot.

Not only do I take pictures of them, I also take pictures of anything that catches my attention or strikes me as a good shot to capture.  Seeing their mom out in the yard, in the garden, or down by the river taking pictures has always been a common sight.  None of them have demonstrated any similar interest or passion for photography however…that is, until recently.

You see, our daughter got an iPhone in November, her first smart phone.  The combination of having a fairly decent camera in her phone and her discovery of the Instagram app has sparked an interest in photography.  For those unfamiliar with Instagram, it is a smart phone application that allows you to snap a picture, choose a filter to transform the picture, and then share it with friends through the Instagram site or various other social medias.

I have enjoyed watching her interest in photography via Instagram unfold.  I am no longer the only one looking around for or noticing what might be a good shot.  If I see something that is potentially an interesting photo, I’ll say to her, “you should Instagram that.”

Take, for example, just yesterday as we were pulling into our yard after church and we noticed all the icicles hanging off our buildings.  I suggested that she should Instagram a picture of them. So, we changed out of our church clothes, put on our boots, and headed outside to photograph the icicles – her with an iPhone and I with my camera.

Of course, it is not always easy to get a good shot.  Although the icicles looked cool hanging precariously off the shed in person, just snapping a shot of them from a distance was a little too boring.


Standing on the ground below the icicles and taking a photo was also blah.
DSC_0010We discussed composition and how to get a more creative shot from a different perspective.  She got a step-ladder out of the garage, which allowed us to shoot some pictures from a higher angle.

Finally, a more interesting photo of the icicles melting and sliding off the pole shed.

iceSo, after our photo shoot of icicles together, what picture does she decide to apply a filter to and share via Instagram???

Of course, the somewhat unflattering one of me that she took, unbeknownst to me, while I was on the step-ladder taking my own pictures of the icicles.  🙂

I did appreciate her caption however, as it holds so true:

“The things we do for a good shot.”

Here are just a few of the other shots she has taken around the farm over the past months and shared via Instagram.





photo7If I do say so myself, I think I have a budding photographer in the house.  And I couldn’t be more excited!!



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