Stay Warm!

It was -4F outside this morning, with wind chills around -25F. Even colder temperatures are forecasted for this evening and into tomorrow morning. Brrrrrrr!!!!

Our robin continues to visit the crabapple tree every day for a snack and to just hang out.  Poor fellow must be cold, don’t you think?


Wherever you are today, I hope you can stay warm!



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5 responses to “Stay Warm!

  1. Mary Jo Steidler

    Lynell – I love your postings! Your stories are wonderful and informative, and your photography is beautiful.

  2. Thanks Mary Jo! I didn’t realize you were following along. I’m trying to get back to posting a little more often. It is a fun creative outlet for me.

  3. Lynell–what a wonderful photo! We have had a couple of near record temp days in the 60s after a quarter inch of ice on Friday. Now we are in the 30s again. Not anything like yours though. Minnesota gets significant freezing.

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