Keeping up with the Kids

Life has been very busy around here since school started.

All three kids are involved in multiple activities, which keeps me running around…a LOT.


I have been going to high school swim meets to watch my daughter and her team compete.  I love the sport of swimming.  I never imagined that I would.  I knew nothing about swimming until three years ago when she started as a seventh grader.  It is so exciting to watch.  Who knew?

High School Football

I have also been going to high school football games on Friday nights.  I love watching football too.  Even if our team has not won a single game.  It has been a tough season.

I still enjoy watching #22.  He’s serious.  He’s determined.  He’s my boy.

He is also a senior, which means he will be graduating in the spring and leaving home. I often find myself thinking, “this will be the last ______.”  I know that is how things are supposed to work, but I am sometimes still sad about the whole process.

It was parent’s night at the last home football game.  The senior football players were introduced before the game, along with their parents.  We are so proud of this young man.

Middle School Football

My youngest also plays football.  His football games are after school during the week.  I have gone to watch him play too. He is very serious about football.  He will still stop and pose for a picture for his mother around his teammates.  I love that about him.  He even smiles!

It is hard for me to believe he is already in seventh grade.  Where has the time gone?


It is not just sporting events that take up all my time outside of working and sleeping.  I also get up bright and early on Thursday mornings to drive the youngest two kids to piano lessons before school and work.  It is the only lesson time that works because of their sports practice and events.  The early morning drive is worth it, however, because they enjoy playing and I love hearing piano music in my house.


On two other days of the week, I drive my daughter to the cities for violin lessons and her orchestra rehearsal.  All of her hard work practicing fills our house with music.  It will be very quiet in a few years when she leaves.  Those darn kids.  Why do they have to leave?

It is true that having three very active teens in the house certainly does make for a chaotic life.  But, although it exhausts me at times and even leaves me feeling a bit frazzled, I would not trade it for the world.  They are all happy, doing things they love and staying out of trouble.

What more could I ask for?  (Besides a nap.)



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3 responses to “Keeping up with the Kids

  1. Yeah, why DO they have to leave? I can’t imagine the day when my little boy — now almost 4 — will be a senior in high school. Even though I know that’s just how it goes, I just want them to stay little forever.

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