Pumpkin Pictures

Life is crazy busy at the moment with fall chores and all the kid activities.  I decided to take a quick moment today, however, to post some pictures of our harvested pumpkins. Despite the mildewy mess in the pumpkin patch, we still have quite a few pumpkins for decorating and carving!

We tossed all the mildewy vegetation over the river bank instead of potentially contaminating our compost pile with the fungi spores.  The pumpkin patch is mostly cleaned up and ready for tilling this fall.

I also planted decorative mini-pumpkins this year.  The vines are growing on my garden fence and have been very prolific.

I have started picking these cute little things for decorating around the house.

After using 4-5 of them for decorating the dining table, I am at a loss as to what I am gong to do with the other fifty mini-pumpkins.  Any ideas?



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5 responses to “Pumpkin Pictures

  1. I love the pics of the pumpkins in a row. Different perspective than usual. Looks like a good one to frame!

  2. Love the punkins on the steps. I planted a bunch this year too, way more than I can use, and it’s just so fun to have them sprinkled here and there.

    • We have way more pumpkins than we need too. I need to give some away for carving! They are so much fun to grow though. Next year I want to focus on growing one of those enormous ones by plucking blossoms. 🙂

  3. Airel

    Mini pumpkin pie ?? 😉

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