Never Too Old

Several inches of rain fell here in Minnesota last week, culminating in a complete washout on Friday.  Inches and inches of rain poured from the sky in waves throughout the day.  After watching the rain from indoors for much of the day, one of the kids suggested venturing outside to play in the rain.  The kids are 17, 15 and 12.  Too old to play in the rain?  Apparently not.

All three of them headed outside.  I was sitting at the computer and thought nothing of it when they first went out.  A few minutes passed and I became curious as to what they were doing.  I looked out the window and saw them having a great time.  All three kids, at home, agreeing on an activity, being totally silly together.  Why was I sitting inside the house in front of a computer screen?  So I grabbed my camera, headed out into the rain and followed them around.

They ran through the rain and the puddles…

They slopped in the puddles of standing water…

And they splashed each other.

At first, I stood inside the pole shed, protecting my camera and shooting pictures of them in the rain.  I eventually put a coat over my head and followed them out into the field, as they continued to splash in the standing water everywhere.  The air was fresh and earthy smelling.

In those moments outside in the rain, it occurred to me that I am an incredibly lucky woman.  I felt so grateful for our little slice of country life and that I was home on this particular afternoon to enjoy these teenagers playing in the rain.  Instead of sitting in an office, or being stuck in traffic, or being somewhere else in the big city, here I was with my kids, out in the country on our little farm.

As the rain let up and we went inside, I could not get the images of them playing in the rain out of my head.  With a senior in the house, the reality is that afternoons like this are numbered.  Isn’t it funny how something so simple, like playing in the rain, can feel so special?

So, are my kids too old to play in the rain?  Not so far.  And truthfully, I hope they never feel too old.  Because when they come back to visit me as adults, which they better plan on, I might just drag them out in the rain so I can take some more pictures.


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2 responses to “Never Too Old

  1. My 24 year old misses the rain so much now that he’s moved to Nevada I think he would play in it naked if I let him, lol!

    What a wonderful post…you will treasure this day forever! Kim

  2. Lil' sis'

    ahhhh, this post is making my cry! Maybe we will have to pick up and move next door to you so my little one can enjoy your farm once your kids are off to college 😉

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