Smiling Sunflowers

I have planted sunflowers the last several years because I love seeing the beautiful blossoms towering above the garden.  They are such happy flowers that seem to smile all day long in the sunshine.  Of course, they have the added benefit of providing the birds with some tasty snacks once they go to seed.

I plant them along the north fence in the garden so that they do not shade out any of my plants.  The fence is also a strategic support, especially for the Skyscraper sunflowers that grow really, really tall.  I love these gigantic plants and the huge flower heads they produce.  I will definitely post pictures of them when they begin to flower.

Last year I planted Pastiche Sunflower seeds along the barn, in the pumpkin patch, but had very poor luck with germination.  The beautiful pictures in the seed catalog made me forget that experience, however, and I ordered them again this spring.  I planted them along the north fence with the Skyscraper sunflowers and this year they did not disappoint.

They are much shorter than the Skyscrapers and bloom sooner.  The blossoms are smaller and more diverse in color.

The bees like them too!!

I want to pick some to bring indoors to enjoy but have not had the heart to disturb their friendly faces in the garden.

Pastiche sunflower seeds will definitely be on my seed order list next spring.


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2 responses to “Smiling Sunflowers

  1. Ours are only about knee high…they are truly a happy flower, lovely! Kim

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