New York, New York

We are off to the airport in the morning to fly out to New York City to meet up with our oldest son who we sent off to summer camp at West Point last Saturday.  After landing in Newark, we will drive up to West Point and spend the night nearby so that we can attend the closing ceremony on Friday morning.  I look forward to hearing about his experiences, thoughts and impressions.  You know those teenage boys, they love to lay their thoughts and feelings out on the table…especially for mom.  I will ask anyhow.  I cannot help myself.

Friday afternoon we will head in to New York City and be tourists for the weekend.  We have never been to the big apple before and spending a long weekend with our oldest before sending him on another airplane to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs sounds fantastic.

So, we will leave this lovely place behind for a few days…

…to go have some adventures off the farm.

See you next week!


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  1. Enjoy your little adventure! Kim

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