The Problem with a River is…

it is unpredictable and constantly changing.  The lazy, winding river by our house is no different.  It rises and recedes as the rain comes and goes.  You would think we would have this figured out by now.

After all, remember our maple syrup miscalculations?

In preparation for collecting sap, we placed our pails safely next to the maple trees in the backwater area of the river.

After a week of rain, we returned to the river bottom to find this…

Not that long ago, we also spent an entire day cleaning up down by the river.  When we finished it looked like this…

Our own little get-away down by the river was ready for our summer enjoyment.  The fire pit was cleaned out, the sticks were picked up, the grass was mowed, and the boat was launched.

But then it rained and rained (after it snowed) last week.

This is a view of our river oasis now…

Yep.  That’s it.  Completely under water.  And the boat?  It has most likely floated down the river a ways.  The kids will attempt to retrieve it once the river goes back down.

Assuming we do not get much rain over the next couple of weeks, the river will once again recede back to normal and our river get-away will reappear.  It is amazing how quickly the water levels of this river change.

And although we will need to pick up sticks, clean out the fire-pit, and clean it up again, we are very grateful to be living next to this dynamic little river.

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