The Prom

Another sure sign of spring, last weekend was the high school Prom in our little town.   I have fond memories of my own high school prom and it seems like just yesterday that I was going with my high school sweetheart.

But it was not just yesterday…it was 1986.

A lot has happened in my life since 1986, including having some kids along the way with that high school sweetheart.  I do not know how it is possible, but one of these kids is now old enough to go to the prom.

Don’t get me wrong.  I was happy for him that he was going to the prom.  It is just that it made me feel so old.

Like my memories of prom, the day of prom was a crazy one at our house. After spending the morning taking the SAT, our prom boy rushed home to get ready.  I was handing him pieces of his tux as he was quickly getting dressed to go pick up his date and pose for some pictures.

All dressed and ready to go, I made him stop to pose for some pictures on the porch before he dashed off.  There were so many more pictures I wanted to take, but not enough time.

How can this young man be my child?  Where did the time go?

He picked up his date and came back to our house for some pictures.  Don’t they look lovely?

After meeting another couple at our house and snapping more pictures, we all headed in to town to the high school for the Grand March.  As I watched the kids all take their turns being announced and proceeding to navigate their way across the gym floor, it occurred to me that in many ways, prom is the same as it was when I went in my high school days.  The beautiful dresses, the uncomfortable shoes, the flowers and jewelry, the nervous smiles, the flashing cameras, the proud parents, and the many prayers that all those lovely young people will make good choices and arrive home safely at the end of the night.   The big difference is that I am now one of the parents sitting on the sidelines and taking all the pictures.

And so another prom has come and went in our small town, and I have managed to come to terms with the fact that I have a child old enough to go to prom.  My next challenge will be to accept the fact that I will soon have a senior in high school. Lord, help me.


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2 responses to “The Prom

  1. Your son is so handsome, and he found quite the date. Who knows…maybe she’ll be his highschool sweetheart someday??? – And don’t place your age on being the mother of a prom-goer. Just blame him for growing up TOO fast!

    So…if you want to check out my blog it is I still haven’t bought my domain, I’m doing a little at a time until I’m more confident with it. (Weird how blogging makes me feel nervous!).

    Congratulations on making it thru prom (again)!


    • Hi Alex,
      Thanks for stopping by again and welcome to the blogging world! It’s a such a great way to connect to people with similar interests.
      And yes, I do blame him for growing up TOO fast! 🙂

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