Woodland Wildflowers

The woods behind our house is a beautiful sight this time of year, awash in woodland wildflowers.  Different varieties of wildflowers carpet large areas and this year they seem particularly abundant.

I found a great website to help me put a name to these faces at  www.minnesotawildflowers.info.  Check it out if you are trying to identify any wildflowers in the northern zones, as they literally have hundreds listed both by color and name.

This first pink beauty that is bursting everywhere, is definitely Claytonia virginica, or Virginia Spring Beauty.

Aren’t these delicate flowers absolutely gorgeous?  I want to grow them in my garden!

The unique foliage of the next plant made it easy to identify as Erythronium albidum, or White Trout Lily.

Growing up as a farm kid, we had a woods out behind the barn that was loaded every spring with the next flower.  My mom always told me it was a Bloodroot, and she was absolutely right.  The latin name is Sanguinaria canadensis.  The name of the flower originated because of the red juice that flows out of the stem when you pick it.  I picked a lot of these when I was a little girl and would bring them in the house to put in a small vase or glass.

They bring back good memories and make me smile.

This one is more of a shrub and I can’t figure out its name.  Any ideas?

Along the border of the woods are several of these small branching trees with white blossoms.  I think they might be an Inland Serviceberry, or Amelanchier interior Nielsen.

Although these trees are fairly nondescript once all the other trees leaf out, they are a beautiful addition to the woods when in full bloom.

Over the next few weeks, more wildflowers will emerge.  And if the mosquitoes have not hatched yet, I will definitely be wandering around in the woods to admire them.

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