A Delicate Relationship

Our dog Sofie and our younger cat Nina have what I would describe as a “delicate” relationship.  At times, they seem to be the best of friends.  Nina feels comfortable enough to come and settle in next to Sofie on her bed in the evening.  Sofie, albeit grudgingly, allows her to share the space.

Nina seems to have no fear of the dog.  Sometimes when they are outdoors, the cat will jump out from behind something and attack the dog.  And Sofie is usually very patient and even playful with Nina in return.

But sometimes things change quickly from playing to getting a little rough.

When Sofie becomes too rough for Nina’s comfort level, the cat immediately rolls on to her back with her claws up to defend herself.

Sofie lunges back and forward again towards the cat and Nina takes swipes at her, trying to get the dog’s nose where she is most vulnerable.

Sofie tries to dodge around the cat’s claws to reach her back.

She puts her entire mouth over Nina’s back and pins her down.  We usually start getting a little nervous around this point and call to the dog to stop.

But when Sofie is in this kind of a mood, she usually does not stop immediately.

She continues to rough the cat up until she eventually pauses and then we are able to get her attention and she snaps out of it.

Sofie has never actually hurt the cat…at least not yet.  She has a “soft” mouth, meaning she has a soft bite and carries things in her mouth gently.  That is why I just keep taking pictures when they are sparring.  It’s because I am not actually that worried about Nina’s safety.  I trust Sofie…almost completely.

Nina does not seem that concerned either because she always comes back for more.

The cat does, however, get a lot of sympathy from some of us after going through one of these more “delicate” moments in her relationship with Sofie.

And the ensuing attention Nina receives just might make the battle worth it to her.  🙂

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